It was nice to see some of you at the annual potluck. We were determined to have a good time despite cool gray weather, and that we did!! It was a first for games that included adults: races, seed spitting and bin balancing. So much laughter, and boy does the inner competitor emerge given the chance!!!

Children’s activities were held in the greenhouse and a big thank you to Aliya for keeping the kids engaged and having fun.

Food was fabulous like always, followed by words from Peter Doherty from the BOD and myself. Most of what I had to say focused around gratitude for the other farmers I have been blessed to work with this year, and also acknowledgement of the many people who give so much to keep this farm running smoothly. Thanks to everybody who came out to support community at Stearns.

Meanwhile we are heading into the last two weeks of food distribution. You will see roots that can be stored for a time; turnips, celeriac, storage onions, potatoes and parsnips, along with more beets and carrots.

Potato digging is ongoing at the Parkland and we appreciate all the help we can get with this huge task.

Rachael, Sonya and Mya have done a wonderful job keeping up with cover cropping beds that are finished for the season. Mya and Mark Kelly have taken on the enormous task of creating a better system for storing row cover in the large cover-it.

Winter crops look strong and healthy.

Soon we’ll be moving the cathedral and erecting the high tunnel, both winter growing houses here at Stearns.

We were able to share excess spinach transplants for winter growing with several area farms and also school gardens in Boston. I always jump at the chance to support other projects, and have always found the positive energy comes right back my way in some way or another.

Looking forward to working in cooler temps as Fall blesses us once again with beauty everywhere. Hoping you all are enjoying the season.