Well fall is upon us, and winter is right around the corner. The forecast for this October evening entails a frost warning. Wow! Our amazing work-for-share crew helped us to get the harvest accomplished, and then to harvest all that would not make it through the frost. The peppers and eggplant were especially laborious, as these crops have continued to produce abundantly all season. We were also scurrying around trying to cover anything that might be affected by the frost with remay (agricultural fabric that increases the temperature 10 degrees). Whew! We will have to see how things have fared tomorrow.

This is definitely a bittersweet time of year, for everyone I’m sure. The share this week and next is part of the sweetness. We are closing out this season with a bounty! We are so delighted to see that our parsnips have not suffered any damage caused by wireworm! These are some beautiful parsnips, and are so great in soups, roasted dishes, and deserts. If you don’t have a recipe, please ask a farmer or a fellow member at pickup!!!! These are too good to miss!

We also had a wonderful popcorn harvest! We grew three varieties this season: a red, yellow, and white popping corn. These cobs need to be stored until Christmas for proper curing. I am still eating Stearns popcorn from two years ago, and it is delicious and so fun to make! Store these in a dry, cool place, but make sure not to forget about them!

**Celeriac.**  Don’t pass up one of our favorite root vegetables! This vegetable stores wonderfully. Celeriac is a crop that we spend all season nurturing, so that we can all enjoy it in soups come the fall and winter. Celeriac can also be eaten raw in salads or as a snack, roasted, etc. If you are unsure what to do with it, hold on to it in your crisper until you become inspired.

The garlic planting is next Saturday October 20th. Please come out to help us plant one of our most beloved crops! We had a great harvest this year, and hope you are all enjoying it. This planting is one of our largest here at the farm, and we welcome as many hands as possible. We will also be breaking up the seed in the greenhouse all week, so we would love help with that too. Please just send an email if you are heading out our way!

Thank you for all of your help and support!