I would like to introduce myself as the Volunteer Coordinator at Stearns Farm. My name is Sara Abramovitz, and I have filled this position for the last several years.  (I’m the one in the white shirt.)  The Volunteer Coordinator helps support the farm staff and facilitates the many requests and initiatives that come to us from a wide variety of people and organizations who want to participate in the farm community.

Just to clarify, any required work hours that you give to the farm as part of your share do not fall under my “umbrella.”  When you sign up on our website to do your required hours, that is part of your work requirement.  I do a variety of other kinds of tasks that are not related to your work hours and I would like to share them with you here.

I am the first person to contact when a volunteer-related interest is expressed, at which time I facilitate the request and pass along pertinent information to the farm staff and other volunteers.

For example:

  • If you have a great idea you want to share with the community and would like to offer up time and energy–I am the first contact.
  • If you have interest in working at the farm above and beyond your work commitment sharing a special skill or talent, offering a workshop or event, or helping with something special at the farm—Contact me first.
  • If you wish to help with needed tasks such as carpentry, equipment maintenance, electrical or plumbing work, etc.—I am the person to talk to.
  • Groups and individuals from outside the farm community who would like to come and volunteer or do events at the farm–contact me first.
  • If you have interest in bringing outside groups that you are affiliated with such as scouts, faith community groups, school etc.,— contact me.
  • If you have thoughts about any kind of volunteering: interest, inquiries, etc., or if you sharers checked off a volunteer interest on your information form and are wondering why you haven’t heard anything yet?—get in touch with me.
  • Finally, if you have any other question or concern, and aren’t sure who to direct it to—I can be your first contact!

So, please feel free to send anything my way– I am always happy to hear from people.

To contact Sara send email to: saralarry@verizon.net