The Children have already been busy at work playing, seeding peas and flowers, planting lettuce, and potatoes. We’ve also taken nature walks on the trails behind the farm. Just last week a friendly garden snake was spotted slithering his way between the tree stumps, but the kids still seem most impressed with the horses on the neighboring farms 🙂

In the same mysterious and magical way our zebra statue found it’s way to the Garden, so has a pig!! The kids (and, I must admit, me too) were delighted to see this surprise on Saturday — another whimsical addition to our space!

At this time, I’d like to acknowledge and give thanks to Cornerstone Landscape of Marlborough and Framingham ( for their joint donation of mulch for the Children’s Garden. The end result has been beautiful, and there was enough mulch in their generous donation to also mulch the herb garden and (soon) the tea garden. Be sure to check it out when you come for your pick-up! In addition, Home Depot of Marlborough donated 13 bags of playsand to freshly refill our sandbox. A tremendous thanks to them both for supporting our community efforts!