Our neighbors up the street at Eastleigh Farm need our help. In addition to patronizing their store (and if you haven’t tried their milk and cheese and the many other products they sell you are really missing out) you might want to consider making a donation to their fundraising efforts. Doug Stephan and all of the folks up at Eastleigh have been extremely helpful to Stearns throughout the last 8 years, so much so that Stearns Farm would not be what it is today without their assistance.

You can read about Eastleigh Farm and their fundraising efforts on the web at:


You can also visit their Facebook page at


Please consider making a donation to Eastleigh Farm and take the time to drive up the road from
Stearns to buy some of their products. The cheese is out of this world!

Stearns Farm Board of Directors

Louise Bendel, Debbie Blicher, Nancy Conklin-Stone, Peter Doherty,
Gail Epstein, Lisa Kamer, Bill Packard, and Tom Yelton