We are pleased to announce that Luke Harms will be returning to Stearns Farm with his locally made maple syrup.  He will be at Stearns next week, on both Tuesday (July 16th) and Friday (July 19th), from 2-7 pm.  Luke will be offerring tastings of all three grades of syrup available for sale:

Grade A medium: the lightest in color and flavor

Grade A dark: medium color and flavor

Grade B extra dark: very dark color and intense flavor

Luke is married to our own Sonya (nee Ciavolo), who was a member of the crew at Stearns for a number of the past seasons.  Together they make incredible tasting maple syrup, tapping trees on a piece of land in  Colrain, MA, and boiling the sap into syrup themselves.

Unlike past years, there will be no limits on how much syrup you can buy.  Please notify Sonya if you want large quantities (over 5 gallons), they she can make sure that there is enough on hand harmsfarmma@gmail.com.  If you won’t be at the farm next week, you can still purchase syrup.  Leave a check at the farm, made out to Luke Harms, for the sizes/grades you would like, and the syrup will be waiting for you next time you are at the farm.

Maple Syrup Prices:

Pint: $10

Quart: $17

1/2 gallon: $32

Gallon: $58

For more information about Luke and Sonya’s farm click here http://www.harmsfarm.com/