As we prepare for another heat wave this week, I write to thank everyone at the farm who has contributed to this very productive, first half of the summer.  Together, we have:  raked leaves; planted potatoes; mulched (the flower garden AND the nightshades AND the melons); planted spinach; weeded the alliums; planted strawberries; weeded the strawberries; seeded lettuce; planted the nightshades; weeded the flower garden; picked potato beetles; planted sweet potatoes; weeded the alliums (again); and weeded the potatoes.  Our newest sharers have jumped right in as well.  They know the drill by now:  plant, mulch, weed!

I encourage – alright, implore – people to continue to come out and do their work hours.  The farm is in good shape because you have been contributing on a regular basis.  Please don’t stop now!  Although the heat of the summer is upon us, we need you to continue your work hours, so that we can keep up with our planting and weeding schedules.  I promise we won’t kill you in the heat!

Also, a big thank you to volunteers who have gone above and beyond this spring:  Sara Abramovitz; Frann Bennett; Nick DeFelice-Dalton; Rob Elkind; Sam Fraize; Diane Kelzer; Sal Lampis; Suzy McGourty and her staff and students; Katie Panek; Deb Perugi; Nomi Sofer; Patricia Wilbur-Zucker.  Thank you!

I’d like to remind everyone to please buy some maple syrup this week at pick up.  Luke and Sonya Harms will be at the farm on Tuesday and Friday to sell their syrup made in Massachusetts.  Let’s support them!  Complete details here.

See you at the farm,