Hello Everyone –

We have reached the end of the season, and with it, our first frost. We have covered the crops that are still in the field, to be used for the winter share. It is amazing that we have not had to do so until this week!

The colors at the farm have been spectacular, on gray mornings especially. Perhaps it is the angle of the light early in the day. The cloudy sky helps the colors below it shine bright. There are still many rich greens on the ground, and they combine with the reds and golds of the trees to make an interesting palette.

I felt so welcome at the farm this year. I am looking forward to returning next season. Please come to the farm again, before tucking yourself away for the winter:

Glean this Week

I’d like to invite people to the farm this week to pick up a few extra vegetables, if you’d like. You can come on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, between the hours of 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. We are getting a frost during the next couple of nights, and possibly a heavier freeze as well, so please come and grab a few extra peppers, tomatillos, Swiss chard/kale/collards, and some mustard greens, and flowers. We will also open the field of cover crop peas that we have growing, so that we can all clip the tops off of them and use them in salad. They are delicious!

Work Hours

Please finish any work hours you have remaining. You can sign up online. We need help closing up, and there is still a lot to do. Come spend some time in the outdoors, in this beautiful autumn weather!

Have a warm, cozy winter –