Welcome to Deb and Lawson (pictured) Frazier who are joining Rob Elkind in keeping bees at Stearns Farm. They are hobby beekeepers who started keeping bees about 3 years ago. Their first year was a resounding success: with one hive they gathered 53 lbs of honey! Last year, with 3 hives, they did not fare so well, but unlike many folks, managed to keep 3 hives alive over the winter.

Both Deb and Lawson enjoy working with the bees and watching the hives grow and the bees do their work. Deb reports that they’ve had bumper crops of blueberries, raspberries, peaches and plums since the bees entered our lives. Other than beekeeping, Lawson works on computers and Deb does all sorts of artsy stuff: painting, spinning, weaving and dyeing. Deb and Lawson have two grown daughters and  a small flock of chickens to keep them busy.  They live here in Framingham but would love to travel at some point.