Around mid-May is when I turn into a collector: I start saving produce bags from the supermarket and pint and quart containers to use at farm pickups.

Remember that on pickup days the produce will be arranged market style and you will need to assemble your share into bags and containers you bring from home. You will also need containers into which to harvest the Pick Your Own (PYO) crops such as strawberries, peas, beans, etc.

Extra Containers? We’ll Take Them!

In addition to saving these items to use yourself, we are always looking for donations to the farm to help those who forget to bring their containers. Especially helpful are quart yogurt containers, 1 lb. strawberry clamshell containers (these happen to hold a quart) and pint and half-pint clamshell containers.  All containers should be clean.  Unattached lids are not needed.

Please do not donate (or bring for your own use) the large lettuce clamshells or anything that does not measure a dry quart, pint or half-pint. Thank you!