Holy moly it’s already August! And, we’re about halfway through our pick-ups! And, the weeds are mostly under control! And, the farm just looks teeming and beautiful! This past week was a doozy. Our volunteers have been amazing. Quite a lot of effort has gone into making the farm the lovely place it is. Made ever so better by the reddish-orangish-yellowish-purplish color of the tomatoes. Those great globes are starting to ripen in abundance, much to our satisfaction.


The garlic is also looking great. We’ve started to process the heads this past week, which means cleaning them up so that they are gleaming and then sorting them into small-, medium-, and large-head piles. We’ll save some out for this year’s garlic planting and then divvy up the rest. Can’t wait to have those braided garlic stalks hung in my pantry!


This week was a good time to prepare for and plant the fall crops. The last succession of squash and cukes found the ground and we have more beets, carrots, and greens popping up from seeds. We’ll get that last surge of greeny goodness in before the snow starts its descent.


The sharers on the Friday pick-up had front row seats to the Thunder and Lightning Show that apparently hit only the Framingham area. We huddled under the tent, some of us warming up with tablecloths around the shoulders, and watched the display. Wind whipped through the tent and rivulets of rainwater made tracks in the wood-mulch paths. As the rain ebbed and flowed, sharers ran from the tent to their cars and vice versa. It was an exciting pick-up to say the least.


The high summer is leading us into the second half of our pick-ups and it’s been quite lovely seeing everyone’s smiles. I’ve had several sharers thank the farmers for making their community farm wonderful and it’s definitely due to our people. Thank you all for being so positive.


See you in the fields!


Seth (the guy bringing farmer’s tan to a new level)