Every year is different and brings its own delights and challenges. That is one of the things I love and find very stimulating and challenging about farming. For instance, last summer, we had three heat waves and about thirteen days that reached the nineties in July. This year, my favorite weather forcaster says we have had no heat waves, and that only a few July days saw ninety degrees this year. Despite the “cooler” summer, our hot crops are doing ok. Tomatoes are coming in, albeit a little slowly, melons are preparing to slip off their vines and into our awaiting hands, and the peppers and eggplant have begun producing, as well.


Many people have asked, “When are we getting our garlic?” Rest assured, it will be on the stand this week. It has been curing nicely in the greenhouse, and our staff and work-for-shares have spent much time cleaning it, sorting it, and preparing it for your culinary pleasure. When you bring it home, remember to hang it in a dry place with good air circulation, to cure a bit longer. I usually hang mine on my screened-in porch and cut off heads as I need them. Then, in late September, I take it down, cut off the stalks, and store it for winter use.


Finally, as summer vacations start winding down and minds turn to back-to-school preparations, I encourage everyone to schedule work hours at the farm. We still have a lot to do. Whether you fit in some hours in these late days of August or schedule some shifts during the cool, late summer and early fall days of September, please come out to the farm, do a morning work shift, and then stay around and eat lunch with us at the picnic tables. The work schedule is set up through November, so you can go online and sign up for your shifts. We also have afternoon slots.


We look forward to seeing you at the farm!