We have a number of educational programs planned for the end of the summer and early fall. The first two are visits from the Drumlin Farm Audubon Ark program and a Forage Walk with Russ Cohen.

Wild Birds

Educators from the Drumlin Farm Audubon Ark program will come to the farm on two pickup days:

Tuesday 8/19 from 3:30 to 4:30 

Friday 8/22 from 3:30 to 4:30

They will bring with them live birds and talk to members about the animals and their role in the habitat. On Tuesday 8/19 they will bring a Red Tailed Hawk and a Great Horned Owl. On Friday 8/22 they will bring a Kestrel and
a Screech Owl. 

No registration necessary.

Wild Foods

Stearns Farm will host a Forage Walk with Russ Cohen on Tuesday, September 9, 2014,  4:30-7:00 pm. This event is co-sponsored with Sudbury Valley Trustees.

Stearns Farm and its adjacent woodlands are home to more than 30 species of edible wild plants, many of which are more nutritious and/or flavorful than their cultivated counterparts. Join Russ Cohen, foraging expert and author of Wild Plants I Have Known…and Eaten, on a late afternoon/evening ramble through the farm (and, if time permits, the adjoining woods) to learn about at least eighteen species of edible wild plants. Pending favorable weather conditions, several edible mushroom species may be encountered as well. Keys to the identification of each species will be provided, along with information on edible portions, seasons of availability, and preparation methods, as well as guidelines for safe and environmentally responsible foraging.


Cost: Free for Stearns Farm members; $10 non-members.  To register for this event click here.  NOTE: Stearns Farm members should check the “SVT Member” box and add a note explaining that they are members of Stearns Farm.