This week we felt the weather take a breath. Significantly cooler temperatures and a lower angle of the sun has dawned some of the loveliest days we’ve seen this season. We even broke out pants and long-sleeved shirts!

The garlic give away was the main event this week! All of us love our garlic. In case you missed it in last week’s newsletter, here’s how to store it: 1) hang it in a cool darker place, heads down; 2) leave the stalks on for at least a month, more if you can swing it – this allows the garlic to dry a bit more; 3) after about a month, cut off the stalks and store the heads in a dark place; 4) enjoy! Why dark? Direct sunlight could cause the garlic to sprout, and then it wouldn’t be yummy. You can still, of course, use the garlic as it continues to dry – just cut off the heads from the hanging bunch as you need them. My first concoction was pepper, onion, and fresh garlic steak – so good!

We also planted a few of our last crops of the season. The final successions of lettuces, bok choi, and broccoli were put in the ground and we seeded quite a few more crops to be ready near the end of the season. Luckily we got a bunch in before the downpour on Wednesday so that they got a good soaking.

Everything is moving ahead. Tomato plants are producing more and more each week, so much so that we’ve had to add another table to the tent, laying the toms out. In this fashion, everyone gets to survey the whole lot. Our second helping of kale and bean plants also opened this week and I’m dreaming up ways to combine all the ingredients in the shares.

Thanks again (and continuously) for everyone’s positive attitudes and good vibes as the work continues!

See you in the fields!

Seth (the guy who no one can determine if he really wears glasses)