The In Your Share listing in the newsletter sometimes doesn’t match what is actually on the stand. Why? Farming is an inexact science. The listing in the newsletter represents the farmer’s educated estimate of what will be available in the coming week. Crops ripen at different rates depending on temperature, rainfall, length of day and other factors. Usually when sometime is listed in the newsletter but doesn’t appear on the stand it is because a crop didn’t ripen as quickly as the farmer expected it to. More often you will find something in your share that wasn’t listed in the newsletter; these surprises are  a function of a crop being ready sooner than the farmer expected.

Once we are well into a crop’s season you can reliably expect that crop to be in your share for a period of time: tomatoes have a long season; other crops come and go quickly. You will know that a crop’s harvest season is drawing to an end when the quantity in your share starts to decrease.