As a CSA, it’s always important to stress the community aspect of our farm. So, at the Fall Festival on September 27th, we’d like those willing to share something they have preserved  from the farm to donate items for inclusion in a silent auction. Proceeds will go to support farm operations and keep us well fed. We will also conduct a food drive to benefit local food pantries and homeless shelters.

Silent Auction

What?  Donate preserved food items: any farm produce you have pickled, dried, or otherwise prepared for storage.  Please label all food items and list ingredients. If you don’t have preserved food you can donate small handmade items. If you are donating non-food items please contact Craig Barlow at to describe your items.

Where?  Drop off your items at the auction tables, anytime before the potluck begins at noon on 9/27.

How Does It Work? Starting in the morning of 9/27, silent auction items will be displayed along with sheets to “bid” on each one, recording your price and contact details. Just before the start of the Annual Meeting at 1:00 the winning bids will be announced and the goods distributed. Please bring cash to pay for your items.

Questions? Contact Craig Barlow


Food Drive

The other side of community in CSA is connecting with the greater community. Stearns Farm regularly contributes produce to local homeless shelters and food pantries. To support the farm’s charitable giving, we ask that all attendees of the Fall Festival consider bringing at least one food item to donate to a local food pantry. Another option is to donate a portion of your share.
You can donate canned fruits and vegetables, soups, and packaged food items as grain products (rice, pasta, breakfast cereals, etc.), legumes, nut butters, and packaged nuts. There will be a bin to collect these donations at the fall festival.  There will be separate bins for collecting any produce from your share, which should be in paper or plastic bags.