I can’t think of a bad thing to say about the mellow October weather we are experiencing, as even the wet spells have given us time to focus attention on some greenhouse work.  This time of year is a balancing act of harvesting a bountiful fall crop while also keeping on top of cover-cropping (in our case, primarily seeding winter rye on bare patches to protect it through the winter).  How is it that as the days feel drastically shorter, the work doesn’t seem to lessen accordingly?

Our trusty pepper plants have offered us an impressive final harvest which may end up in a salsa alongside gleaned tomatoes, or possibly diced into home-fries with farm potatoes and onions.  The mosaic beauty of our popcorn harvest has been steadily revealed through the careful work of many volunteers over the past week (part of the aforementioned greenhouse work) and reminds us that although something may look too good to eat, we should definitely still eat it.  After drying, this is in fact the type of popcorn that can be put in the microwave or on the stove-top to produce that unmistakable sound and aroma.

This will likely be the last 2014 ‘From the Field’ written in my hand, but I am proud to say that I will be back next year when warm weather beckons me from the ski slopes and into the fields. I hope you have enjoyed all that this season has offered us and thank you for being awesome and interesting people to be around.



P.S.  Still harvesting potatoes.  Please send help.