The summer pickup season is drawing to a close and that means all kinds of important dates and deadlines to be aware of. The full list is below, but perhaps the most important date is November 1, which is the deadline to complete your fieldwork hours for the summer share season. You can put in some work hours on Saturday, October 18, when we’ll be planting garlic and doing all kinds of farm maintenance projects.


Here are all the rest of the important upcoming dates:

Week of October 13th: last week of pickups for alternate even-week sharers

Week of October 20th: last week of pickups for alternate odd-week sharers and full sharers

November 1: Deadline to complete summer share work hours

November 15: First winter share pickup 9 am-1 pm

December 13: Second winter share pickup 9 am-1 pm

December 13: Deadline to complete winter share work hours