Here we are at the final pick up of the season.  We will, most likely, all be wearing rain gear as we say goodbye until next summer.  We are getting a multi-day nor’easter this week!  We will be tempted to cuddle up with a movie and pop our newly acquired popcorn from the share.  But we all know it needs to cure a bit longer.I will wait until the cold winter months to pop mine.  In the meantime, I will bake squash in the oven and make muffins with the beautiful apples from the fruit share.


There is still much to be done at the farm before we put it to bed for the winter.  Please come out and finish up your work hours in the gorgeous fall weather.  Bring a sandwich and stay for lunch with us!


Kenneth, Seth, and I want to thank all of you for making this season so special.  We wish you a happy winter, filled with snowy afternoons and warm comfort food on your table! All three of us look forward to growing food for this community again, next year.