When you come to the farm please look for one of four clearly-labeled—and totally (not) high-tech—clipboards in the greenhouse to record your time. Ask a farm staff member to assist you if you’re not sure what to do.

Sharer Work Hours:

As sharers already know, when you come to the farm to complete your required work hours, look for this clipboard, find your name on the sheet, and write down the date under the number of hours that you work.

Individual Volunteer Work Hours:

This clipboard is for anyone outside the sharer network who is volunteering, as well as for sharers who want to give more time after they have completed their required work hours (and filled up the page with their name on it on the “Sharer Work Hours” clipboard). Check off the date and number of the hours that you have volunteered on any given day. We appreciate your attention to this matter. Volunteers need to arrange their visits with Volunteer Coordinator Sara Abramovitz at saralarry@verizon.net

Group Volunteer Work Hours:

This clipboard is for any organized groups that come to the farm. Use it to document work hours and provide the farm with specific information about your group. As for individuals, your group must arrange its visit and activities with Sara at saralarry@verizon.net

Work for Share Hours:

This clipboard is for work for shares. If you work more hours than required, you can use the Individual Volunteer Work Hours clipboard to document the extra time.