There is a lot going on at the farm right now, and we need your help! We’ve started revamping our raspberries, getting crops in the ground and doing our spring cleanup. Here’s what’s coming up, and how you can participate:


We are happy to report that we are revamping our raspberries!  The bushes have not produced enough for our farm for a while now, so we are planting new ones. We took out the old bushes in the fall and reverted the space back to vegetables.  We will (hopefully) be ceremonially burning the old brambles this coming Saturday, April 25, which is also a big farm clean up day.  Please join in this act of thankfulness, with which we offer the plants back to the earth.

Farm Clean Up and New Sheds

We are beginning the process of replacing the sheds that we use to store our equipment and supplies.  We are also cleaning up the farm in general, in preparation for the upcoming season. We need help with raking, sorting, stacking, organizing, cleaning out, and washing things to get ready for this project and for the summer season.  Come on Saturday for the big farm clean up,  or during any work hours, to help us with this.

Field Work

Amidst all the clean up and bigger projects that are happening at the farm, our priority is always to grow crops for you!  There are windows of opportunity between the rainstorms when we can get crops in the ground. This past week, we planted cabbage, lettuce, carrots, peas, kale, swiss chard, scallions, and escarole before it started raining!  We need more help planting spring crops in the coming weeks, in addition to the new raspberry planting.  Come help us with this important work!

We want to see you at the farm soon! Please come to complete work hours, bring a sandwich for lunch and help with all of these projects.  Sign up for work hours here:

Thank you!

— Susan