Work is beginning to replace most of the existing sheds at the farm with two new 12′ x 22′ structures from Reeds Ferry. A crew including Susan, Kenneth, and board members Nick Clayton and Peter Doherty will be prepping the site on Sunday, May 17.

 Doing the site prep ourselves will help to save money, but having some additional equipment and materials would make the job easier. If you own an excavation company, have access to a small (landscaper-sized) dump truck, can get us gravel and stone for the foundations, or would like to help with site prep in general, please contact Peter at

 The new sheds will be more functional and serve the farm’s needs better than the current ones, providing an important infrastructure improvement. Although the village area will look messy for a while, eventually, it will appear less cluttered.

 Once the site for the first shed is ready, Reeds Ferry will come to install it when they have an available slot in their schedule. We expect to install the second shed, which needs electricity (along with permits and inspections) later in the summer.