Things are in full swing at the farm!

We have been getting crops in the ground as fast as possible.  Luckily, we have had help from all of you who have been putting in your work hours.  We have also had volunteer groups at the farm who have made a major dent in our work.  A special thank you to Mathworks, and also to Boston Cares, for your continued, enthusiastic help.  We appreciate it!

We had our spring festival on Saturday, which was a huge success.  I would like to thank Ronda Yeomans and her band, Blue Amber, for playing during our potluck lunch, and especially for writing and singing a song about Stearns Farm.  We loved it!

Thanks also to the following people for making the festival a success: Seth Terramane, Kenneth Hacker, Christine Terramane, Sara Abramovitz, Nancy Conklin-Stone, Nina Kornstein, Rick Lawrence, Frann Bennett, Craig Barlow, Tom Yelton, Sal Lampis, Elana Varon, Nomi Sofer, Peter Doherty, Lisa Shaftel, Jill Boyd, Trent Boyd, Bela Gorman, and Don Gorman.

Pick ups start this week.  We are looking forward to having you all at the farm on a regular basis!  When you visit the farm for your pick up,  I ask very kindly that you please follow our few rules regarding picking vegetables in the field and supervising your children at the farm.  These rules are very important.  The two big ones are:

1)  No one may pick anything in the field that is not designated to pick that week.  Some people come up to me and say, “I saw the strawberries and picked one.  I’m sure that won’t hurt.”  Believe me, it does hurt the crops.  We have 165 households coming to the farm every week.  We all must respect this rule of our farm community.

2)  If you have children, you must follow our rules for children at the farm.  We cannot operate the farm successfully as a farm that welcomes children, if rules for their safety and the safety of the crops are not in place and observed.

By following these rules, we can create the best farm experience for everyone. Thank you so much for helping us make this possible!

Finally, please note that there are orientation times set up this week during the Tuesday and Friday pickups, for people who were not able to attend an orientation this past weekend.  There will also be orientations next week at the pickups.

See you at the farm!