Would you like to make your yard a haven for bees and butterflies, the pollinators that are essential to growing our food? Garden coach and author Ellen Sousa will talk about some easy ways to make your yard attractive to pollinators, butterflies and the beneficial insects that help keep garden pests under control.

Ellen Sousa is a garden designer, educator, author, and owner of Turkey Hill Farm, a small farm in the Worcester hills with chickens, horses, food crops, native plants and a variety of organically-maintained “habitat gardens” that support a range of wildlife including birds, butterflies, beneficial insects and amphibians.

Ellen’s book, The Green Garden, is a practical, comprehensive and inspirational guidebook for New Englanders looking for low-cost, beautiful and earth-friendly ways to green their landscapes and outdoor spaces, and supply habitat for a variety of declining species, including birds, pollinators, amphibians and turtles.

This talk is suitable for home gardeners, school teachers, and anyone interested in how suburban backyards can play an important supporting role in environmental health.

Free and open to the public. Suggested donation $5.