We’re grateful to everyone who have given time and energy to help out at the farm in the past few weeks, working in the fields, keeping our farm beautiful and keeping us nourished.

Huge thanks to the following people:  Frann Bennett, Scott Greb, Nina Kornstein, Al Kutenplon, Sal Lampis, Rick Lawrence, Chris Ludwig, John Murray, Tali Rozenman, Christine Terramane, Yin Xian,  individuals from the Charles River Center, and our devoted farm staff, Kenneth and Seth!

We would also like to acknowledge the following groups for the  wonderful work they’re doing for us this summer: Boston Cares, Mathworks, WholeFoods, and EMC.

And an extra-special thank  to our youngest helpers: Bella, Jacob, Ashley, and Lindsey. We couldn’t do this work without you!