This year’s big infrastructure improvement for Stearns Farm is the construction of two new storage sheds. The first one will be installed on August 28th, with the second coming in mid-October. The new sheds will be built by Reeds Ferry, and all the legwork that went into making the sheds possible was done by the Board of Directors, especially members Nick Clayton and Peter Doherty.

Over the winter Susan and the Board decided which type of sheds would best meet the farm’s needs. Nick negotiated a significant discount from Reeds Ferry, Peter worked with the Town of Framingham and Sudbury Valley Trustees to get the necessary permission and permits, and Peter and Nick worked with Susan to identify the best location for the sheds and prepare the site (Nick is pictured doing site prep after finishing his day at the office). Rick Lawrence, longtime sharer and volunteer extraordinaire, did all the necessary electrical work and the lion’s share of the demolition and disposal of the old sheds.

This mix of strategic planning and hands-on work is typical of how the Stearns Farm Board operates. The Board has some open slots, and we are looking for members with energy, vision, and a range of skills to join our small but dedicated group. Email to learn more about joining the Board this fall.