Many people’s thoughts are leaning towards fall this week.  Vacations are ending, kids are going back to school, older kids are going off to college, and others are getting back into their regular routines after a hot few weeks.  At the farm, we will continue to enjoy summer, as it does not officially end for another month!  We will still harvest summer crops, like tomatoes, peppers, and squash. But  we will also turn our attention to the final plantings of the season and focus on fall crops.

This is always a funny time of year for me, being out on the farm in the mornings at the end of August.  Even when others have gone back to their fall routines, it is nice to continue to be on the farm.   The angle of the sun has changed dramatically since the summer solstice. The colors around us have already begun to change – there are golds and browns.

During the next few weeks, as the fall equinox approaches, the changes will be very noticeable. I haven’t seen many reds yet, but they will come.   In the meantime, enjoy the last bits of summer!

See you at the farm!