Priority enrollment for the 2016 summer share season is now open to all 2015 sharers and members. The online enrollment process has been updated and condensed into one form to make the process simpler!

Membership fees, share prices, work hour commitment and work pay-in-lieu rate remain the same as last year.  The details are on the website and the form. Please do not send a check without first submitting an online enrollment request.

All who enroll during December will receive confirmation of reservation/purchase during the first week of January and your check will be cashed at that time.

Go to the 2016 ENROLLMENT FORM now (you’ll need to log in).

What is Priority Enrollment?

• This is a one-month period when we sell shares only to current members and sharers. Shares will be available for sale to the general public in January.

• If we receive more requests than we have available shares to sell, requests will be prioritized according to our Membership Policy, with 2015 enrolled sharers having priority, ranked by membership points and join dates.

• Members who did not purchase a share in 2015 will be grouped separately using the same criteria.

If you have any questions, please  contact Fran Bennett at