As we say goodbye to Susan, Kenneth, and Seth this month, Stearns Farm board member James Apostal offers this recollection :

“I met Susan, Kenneth, and Seth late in the summer of 2014. Having returned to Stearns after a hiatus, I was welcomed warmly by this crew—a feeling experienced by many, no doubt. Their rapport was obvious, as if forged over years in the field, even though it had been just shy of one at the time.

Seth was the first one I met (though technically, it may have been Lilly). He greeted me with his characteristic exuberance and explained the project of the day. Thorough and patient, Seth’s gifts are many, but I will especially miss his dry wit, atonal singing, and expansive knowledge.

Kenneth was the nexSeth plants potatoes with sharers and volunteerst to make an entrance that day, via tractor I’m sure. His presence belied his years and we bonded over This American Life. He’s as quick to share a snack as a smile and we waxed away many days together in the fields.

I was taken to their spritely and unassuming leader. Susan has the remarkable ability to be fully engaged in every conversation even when she’s holding a few at once. Her laugh is infectious and she made it seem as if I’d always been part of her crew—a feeling I won’t soon forget.

Together, they were the quintessential team and guided Stearns Farm through two successful seasons. They are good farmers and better people. But change is as much a part of Stearns as constancy.  I returned seeking the familiar but found something else. I will miss my new friends as they depart for their next adventures, but wish them well and will treasure the time we spent.

Kenneth makes cultivation a prioritySusan, Kenneth and Seth were stewards of our community as well as our farm, and they leave Stearns a better place. On behalf of our sharers, members, Board of Directors, and all of those in between, I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our departing crew. Know that you are always welcome and best of luck in all the future holds.