Hello shareholders!

I’m still working inside most of the time these days, but I have a few exciting updates from farm-planning land (a.k.a my dining room table).

We have a crew! My two full season Assistant Growers are officially hired and signed on as of this past Friday. There was a lot of competition out there from other farms; several were offering similar positions. So, I feel grateful to have hired on two folks with experience, smarts, and lots of enthusiasm for working at Stearns. We’ll be formally introducing them a couple of newsletters from now.

We have soil! Our greenhouse soil was delivered on one of those gloriously warm days we had before the snow started again. It is stacked high outside and inside of the greenhouse, waiting for us to start seeding.

We have seeds! Most of our seeds have been ordered and delivered. They are currently taking up a corner of my dining room, as you can see in the photo.

We are beefing up the plant sale a little bit this year! If you are planning to garden at home this year, or know someone who is, please note: we will be selling veg, herb, and flower seedlings starting in early to mid May. More details forthcoming. I’m so pumped about this!

If you have any thoughts about plants you’d like to see at the sale, please let me know sometime in the next couple of weeks. I can’t make any promises, but I will take note of what you want and make it happen if it’s feasible/reasonable

Hope you and yours managed to stay safe, warm, and cozy this weekend. To those of you who have little ones and/or are teachers, I hope your school vacation is fun and restful for you and your family.

Over and out,