Refresh your mind while you exercise your body in a Tai Chi and Chi Kung workshop at the farm on Sunday May 22 from 10-11 am.

Joe Anzalone, adjunct instructor at Boston Healing Tao, will teach basic movements of Tai Chi, and Chi Kung, with a set of exercises for developing vital energy. “We’ll borrow from both traditions to play with the body, breath and mind, to encourage strength, vitality, flexibility and Chi flow,” says Anzalone.

The movements will include non-strenuous ways to warm up your joints, tendons and muscles. “We’ll move gently and quietly, with a particular kind of alignment that accentuates the ability to feel, connect with, and experience Chi flow,” Anzalone says.  “Some people will feel themselves warming up, in spite of moving effortlessly.”

He will focus on teaching simple movements that repeat, rather than long or complicated forms. “They are not hard to do.  And when people do these well, they tap into their vital energy and can feel very content in the moment.  It can be a little vacation for our overactive thinking, planning, worrying brains.”

Participants who are new to the practice of Tai Chi or Chi Kung will leave with a few stress-busting tools to add to into their lives. Meanwhile, those with experience  may gain some additional understanding about their practice.  Register ($5 donation) at