Thanks to your donations and a grant from the Alice Dorr Foundation,  Stearns Farm CSA has been able to purchase a 2002 Chevy S10 truck for the farmers.

Until now, our farmers have had to use their own vehicles or hand carts to transport supplies to the farm as well as shuttle tools, equipment and crops around the farm and our additional field in Callahan State Park. ““It’s a huge help,” says Stearns Farm Manager Melanie Hardy. “Now we can move multiple flats of transplants, or heavy bags of fertilizer  instead of putting them in those carts and pushing them around by hand. We can run the farm more efficiently.”

Annual share prices cover only the farm’s operating expenses, and donations are necessary for investments in any capital equipment. “We’re grateful for the continued support from all of our members and friends of the farm, ” says Nomi Sofer, president of the Stearns Farm CSA board of directors.