Stearns Farm CSA offers many opportunities for members of the community to volunteer for projects beyond required field work. Here’s Volunteer Coordinator Sara Abramovitz on the options:

“You could lead programs in the Children’s Garden. If you have a special skill or talent, you could assist with farm upkeep by helping with electrical or mechanical projects, tool and tractor maintenance, plumbing, carpentry, or art. You could also lead a workshop on a topic that is closely related to our CSA.

If you’re affiliated with a group, such as your faith community, Girl Scout or Boy Scout troop, homeschooling group, teen group or your workplace, you could bring them to work in the fields and have a farm tour.

Current sharers please note: Volunteering at the farm is not a substitute for your required field work hours. When you volunteer, you or your group comes to the farm to do additional work beyond your required work hours.

I have been assisting the farm staff to organize and facilitate volunteers for several years now. We love to have your energy, and welcome you and your group to help out! If you have questions about volunteering please direct them to me rather than the farm staff. You can reach me at

Hope to hear from you this season!”