The first pickups of the summer 2016 season will be Tuesday, June 14 and Friday, June 17 from 2-7 pm. This will be an even week for alternate-week sharers. We look forward to seeing you on your assigned pickup day next week!

If you have forgotten your pickup day or as an alternate-week sharer, whether you are assigned to even or odd weeks, that information is available on your payment receipt from our administrator, Frann Bennett. New sharers who missed the orientation last Saturday will need to attend an alternate session on their first pickup day (stay tuned for details).

Here are some reminders about how to collect your share :


Please park at an angle in the parking lot—this is safest.


Bring your own bags, containers, and ‘carrying’ vessel.  Some people like to use boxes or baskets. Some people like to put each item into its own plastic bag, others not at all. In any case, you will need some kind of bag for greens, spinach and other loose items for weighing and carrying.

For Pick Your Own (PYO), bring dry pint and quart containers. Strawberries from the supermarket may come in a “pound” container: these can be used as quart containers. Quart yogurt containers also work well. Supermarket containers that salad greens come in are not appropriate for PYO.  In addition, please do not use bags for PYO. It can be very difficult to estimate a pint or quart in a plastic bag.

How much to pick?

Pick up under the tent is by weight or number of items. Please weigh your produce carefully.  

PYO in the field is by volume (dry pints and quarts have no weight correlation).  When we post PYO quantities, we will tell you what the volume is. For the particulars of how to pick each item, we will always provide you with instructions. Please look on the chalkboards and signage in the fields at the beginning of each row.

Your share each week is calculated based on the harvest.  If you weigh “over” by a few ounces, or if you eat your PYO share in the field and bring another pint or quart home, there will not be enough for other sharers. Please honor this essential component of your CSA community and your commitment to sustainable agriculture.

Be sure to leave plenty of time to do your pick up, both in the pickup tent and for Pick Your Own ( PYO).

Splitting Shares

The pickup tent gets crowded, so if you split a share with another person, please do your splitting outside the tent.


If you ever have questions regarding the particulars of your pick up  (either under the tent or PYO in the field) feel free to ask a staff member or another sharer! For additional details, see our pickup information and pick your own crops pages.