This version of “From the Field” is all business—my apologies! Please read for important information—especially for new shareholders—about how pickups will run this week.

We have some sad news:  Katie, one of our fantastic assistant growers, had to leave her job early and suddenly for personal reasons. This leaves us very light-staffed for the first week of CSA harvest distribution (and all of the planting we still need to get done this week). We are working quickly to replace her labor hours, but our original plan of staffing the tent during the entire first two distribution weeks and getting people acquainted with our processes may not be a reality.

New shareholders: We’ll have an orientation session this Saturday, June 18, at noon for anyone who missed the session earlier this month. Meanwhile, please follow the process outlined below for collecting your share.

  • Follow the sign to the white CSA distribution tent!
  • Sign in at the table at the front of the tent.
  • Before you gather your veggies, please take and read the CSA basics information sheet.
  • Take no more than your allotted share–we calculate our harvest very carefully!
  • The only Pick-Your-Own this week will be strawberries. Most of you harvested some this week, but if you are not familiar with the farm, the fields will be clearly marked.

Don’t forget bags and quart or pint containers to collect your produce. For detailed information about what to bring, see our pickup information page

I am so sorry to have to do this, dear shareholders! If you are really in a pinch or stumped, come and find me or Ken, or ask a veteran CSA shareholder for assistance. Most folks will be glad to answer your question.

I am so excited to harvest this first delicious (and very green) share for you all!!