Hello all! To those of you who received your share this week: thanks for a smooth and joyful pickup. It was lovely to meet some of you and to see the farm so busy and filled with people.

Out in the fields, the crops are looking fantastic, but the soil is looking as dry as can be—a combination of no rain and sunny, windy days for weeks on end. This is great news for weed control. We have been able to get into the fields to cultivate with the tractors pretty much whenever we’ve felt the need to. It does mean, also, that we’ve spent about 30 percent of our time moving and setting up irrigation.

During past two Saturdays, we have taken huge groups of volunteers and sharers completing their work hours up to the park land field, where we have our potatoes and onions planted. We have done so much hand weeding there that the plants are looking great. Thanks so much to everyone who has been involved. Now we just need a dose of rain—there is no irrigation in that field, so we are completely at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Coming soon: summer squash, cukes, and cabbage! Also, the blueberries are looking great.  I will post a photo of them on social media this week.

Thanks so much, and be well!
Mel on behalf of the Stearns crew