First off, thanks to everyone who has been completing their work hours! Last Saturday, we had about 30 folks, including a great group from Boston Cares, and we almost completed weeding our allium (onions, leeks, shallots) field.  Earlier in the week, people weeded lettuce and carrots, planted and weeded in the flower garden, and completed some potting up projects in the greenhouse.

Our cukes have just started to produce, despite my concerns earlier in the season that we would not have any due to cucumber beetles and a mysterious disease I couldn’t identify. Many plants have pushed through, and they are delicious, but as a result of the cucumber beetles—which are nearly impossible to control with organic growing methods—they aren’t the prettiest (as you can see in the photo).IMG_4703

Meanwhile, it’s still dry, and we have been spending a significant amount of time managing irrigation. We’ve only just gotten to watering the flower garden. While it seems to have been frozen in time since we planted it a couple of months ago, we are hoping it will start producing PYO quantities soon.

It’s time-consuming and sometimes frustrating to manage irrigation (endless leaks to repair, endless rows to water). But over the weekend I hung out with a bunch of other farmers who don’t have irrigation, and I sure am glad that we have the ability to water our thirsty crops. They’re looking great as a result.

A gentle reminder to sharers about PYO etiquette: Please, please, please do not take more than your allotted share of veggies/fruit when you are out in the field. We scout the field prior to pickups to assess what quantities are available. The assigned amounts are not arbitrary. Be considerate of your fellow shareholders and make sure there is enough for everyone by not taking extra, no matter what you think about the quantities that are out there.

I hope that you have been enjoying your greens-heavy shares this week. Our beautiful crops have been a pleasure to harvest with my stellar crew!

Be well,
Mel on behalf of the Stearns Farm crew