Farm Manager Melanie Hardy will give a tour of the flower garden and share flower gardening basics on Saturday, Aug. 13, from 5-6 pm. Mel will talk about choosing which annual varieties to plant for the home cutting garden, including her ten favorite flowers. She’ll also cover flower garden care basics, review how to harvest properly, and offer a basic bouquet design tutorial.

Pre-harvested flowers will be available for participants to design their own bouquets. Sign up here:

Before Mel joined Stearns Farm earlier this hear, she spent a recent summer managing a flower garden for another local farm. “I’ve been immersed in the world of flowers,” she says. “They’re exciting, because in some ways, they’re a little more challenging to grow than vegetables. I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned to help home gardeners cultivate beautiful blooms.”

A $5 donation is requested. Stearns Farm reserves the right to cancel an event if fewer than five participants register to attend.