Current shareholders can sign up for for a 2017 summer share beginning today. To order your share, visit the Stearns Farm online store.

For 2017, Stearns Farm will offer two weekly share options: the Classic Harvest, for households of four or more people, and the Farmer’s Choice, for households with two adults or families with small children. The Classic Harvest share is the new name for our traditional full share. The Farmer’s Choice share replaces the alternate-week share with a weekly share of our best-loved vegetables, berries, herbs and flowers.

The full cost of the share plus the annual membership fee must be paid for by credit card when you place your order.

Shares will be offered exclusively to current shareholders for three weeks, after which they will be offered to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. Ordering now ensures that you will have your share reserved for next summer!

For complete details about the 2017 summer shares, including the differences between the share options, and updates to our work hour requirements and pickup times, read the 2017 Summer Share Preview or see the description on our store page.

If you have questions about the share options, email or come to our Fall Festival and Annual Meeting on Saturday, Oct. 1 from 12-2 pm.