I have some bittersweet news to share! I’m sad to announce that my first growing season here at Stearns Farm will also be my last. I have so enjoyed my time here, on this beautiful piece of land, in this lovely community, working alongside a fabulous crew and volunteers, and supported by a caring and responsive board.

I want to be clear, if it weren’t for a very unexpected but exciting professional opportunity that has come my way, I could have stayed here for years. I have had a little side project going that has been flourishing in its first season—a small cut flower farm and floral design business located in Concord. My business partner, who has done the majority of the field work, will be leaving to pursue another career after this year; I had to decide between shutting the business down entirely or dedicating my full attention to it and making it a success. I can’t pass up this opportunity to own my own small farm business, especially after having experienced so much success even as a scrappy first year, part-time pursuit.

I am working closely with the board to ensure that the transition over to a new farm manager is a smooth one. We are casting our net far and wide to find someone who will will be a good fit for Stearns Farm as an operation and the community that makes this place as great as it is.

Thank you for a season full of great conversation, appreciation, cookie deliveries, hand weeding, and understanding of the challenging drought conditions under which we were working. I am full of gratitude for my experience here.
I will be here until the end of December if you have any questions or just want to say goodbye!