We still have some winter shares available, and you should buy one!

There are so many goodies that were not included in the summer share that will be in the winter share, such as Brussels sprouts, parsnips, celeriac, sweet potatoes, watermelon radishes, and delicious frost sweetened spinach. There will also be kale, cabbage, beets, carrots, potatoes, turnips, lettuce, winter squash, onions, herbs, and more. Don’t miss out. It’s the perfect collection of veggies to feed your families and friends for the holidays, or just to store and enjoy for the early winter months.

The winter share is distributed in two monthly pickups—one each in November and December.  Pickups for the 2016 winter share are currently scheduled for Saturday, 11/19 and Saturday, 12/17, between 10 am-2 pm. These dates are somewhat weather dependent, but if we have to change them, they will definitely be before Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you are unable to pick up during these hours due to religious observance or other factors, please contact me at farmer@stearnsfarmcsa.org to make alternative pickup arrangements. Don’t be shy!

The winter share costs $110, and there is no work requirement this year.

Visit the Stearns Farm online store to purchase your share, and let your friends and neighbors know they can still participate.

I hope I will see you in November!

Warm regards,