“My philosophy about giving is to nurture what nourishes life,” says Nina Kornstein. “Clean air, water, land, protecting biodiversity and our environment—organic agriculture nourishes these foundations of a sustainable food system.”

As one of Stearns Farm CSA’s founding sharers, Nina has been nurturing the farm—dedicating her time and financial support—since 1983. Over the years, she has helped to purchase equipment, greenhouses and other investments above and beyond the operating costs that are covered by what sharers pay for their vegetables, berries and flowers. This year, to help the farm cover its unprecedented water bills, Nina is contributing a matching grant to help everyone else’s donations go farther. She will double the first $2,500 of contributions to the farm’s Drought Fundraiser that we receive by Dec. 31, which will enable us to meet our revised goal for the year.

“If we have the resources, we give to many different causes, and giving to Stearns Farm is a way to nurture our community,” she says. Not only does the farm feed sharers, it also nourishes the wider community by donating surplus crops to local food pantries.

A Framingham resident, Nina first visited Stearns Farm to buy organic berries and became one Penelope Turton’s regular customers. Penelope, who started Stearns Farm in the early 1950s, offered her a summer job as a field hand. When the CSA formed in 1990, Nina joined the board as vice president.

“I was a teenager in the Sixties, and I was very inspired by the environmental movement. And I’ve always had a great interest in cooking and in food,” she says. The farm offered not only “fresh, local organic food,” but also “a beautiful place to bring my children when they were younger.”

Today, her grown sons “are eating organic food and supporting it in the communities they live in,” she adds. “My older son has his own garden now. I feel our involvement as a family with the farm has helped them see that nurturing the environment and eating healthy food is a foundation for life.”

Because she is committed to buying as much locally- and organically-grown food as she can, Nina frequents farmers’ markets during months when Stearns Farm is not distributing a share.

“But this is the farm that I belong to, that I helped found,” Nina says. “I would like to continue to nurture this farm and to see it flourish.”

Please join Nina by including Stearns Farm in your charitable giving this year. Visit the Stearns Farm online store to make a donation in any amount you choose. We’re grateful for your support!