Here’s Stearns Farm CSA sharer Jen Kettell on why she contributed to our Drought Fund: “As a horticulturist, I am acutely aware of the drought conditions this year. This is a very serious issue, and we are only beginning to see the effects. I am so glad that you included a call-out for help—of course we would help our farm!”  

During the 2016 summer drought, Stearns Farm was faced with an unprecedented water bill. Many of you generously contributed to our Drought Fund to help offset the expense, and you also shared your feelings about Stearns.

Like Jen, many of you expressed your concern about the drought’s impact now and in the future. You shared stories about your history at Stearns Farm working with Penelope Turton or Kathy Huckins. And you let us know that our mission to farm sustainably and alleviate hunger in our Metrowest community is important to your families. All of you said Stearns Farm is an important resource in Metrowest, one we must protect.

Nina Kornstein, a Stearns Farm CSA co-founder, has offered to match the first $2,500 of tax-deductible Drought Fund donations before December 31 as part of her personal commitment to our community and to Stearns. These donations will offset our remaining water expenses from 2016 and help us prepare for 2017.

Today, on Giving Tuesday and before December 31, help us earn all of Nina’s matching funds by contributing to our Drought Fund.

Please visit our Facebook page and share your reasons for making Stearns Farm one of your philanthropic priorities. We love hearing from you!

Thank you, as always, for your generosity and support.