Thanks to our community of extremely generous sharers, we met our fundraising goal and earned Nina Kornstein’s $2,500 matching gift.  Forty-two percent of Stearns Farm sharers contributed to the Drought Fund in 2016—a phenomenal accomplishment!

We had a bountiful year thanks to Mel and Ken, but it was also costly due to the extreme drought conditions throughout the northeast last summer. By irrigating, we produced both an impressive crop and an unprecedented water bill! We’d like to extend special thanks to Nina, who challenged our community to join her in giving.

We are also pleased to share that Stearns Farm recently received a generous donation from a sharer who took advantage of Intel Corporation’s Employee Matching Gift Program to triple their gift! We know that many sharers work for companies that offer donation matching programs. See our list: if your company isn’t on it, please check with your HR department (and let us know if we can add it). Donation matching programs are usually available year-round and make it easy to extend the impact of your contribution to Stearns Farm!

As a small, nonprofit farm we rely on fundraising to close the gap between our share earnings and our expenses. Thank you for joining us in our commitment to farming sustainably, paying our crew a living wage, and helping to alleviate hunger in our community.