Get ready, sharers!

While this cold and rainy spring hasn’t been been very good to our heat-loving crops, it’s been great for greens. As is typical with the first couple of CSA shares of the season, you will be getting a lot of them this week.

Plastic bags and containers will always be your friends when it comes to storing veggies in your fridge (modern refrigerators are very drying) but greens require a little more attention and handling when you get home to ensure that they last long enough for you to eat them all. With some care, our greens, which are harvested within 24 hours of you receiving them, can last a week or longer! It’s all about striking the perfect balance between making sure the greens don’t stay too wet or get too dry.

Here are two articles that can help:

An article from the Kitchn about storing your salad greens.

An article about the order in which you should use your greens, how to store cooking greens, and more. It’s long, but worth reading!

It was a pleasure to meet many of you at our orientations over the past two weekends. Thanks, everyone, for coming out to the farm in the middle of two gorgeous Saturdays!

See you at pick up this week!

Be well,