Risa Burns can’t remember exactly why she couldn’t pick up her farm share that week in the summer of 1998 – but Bethanne Hinkle was happy to ensure the food didn’t go to waste.

It turned out that one week of handpicked fruits and vegetables wasn’t nearly enough for Hinkle.

The next summer, in 1999, Burns (left, in the photo) and Hinkle decided to split weekly groceries from Stearns Farm CSA in Framingham. Nearly two decades later, the Sudbury neighbors still do the same.

“It’s a very different way to think about cooking and eating,” Burns said.

 Read the rest of the story by Jonathan Dame at the MetroWest Daily News. Excerpted from “Sudbury neighbors have split CSA since 1999,” published on June 24, 2017 Photo by Kathleen Culler.