Longtime sharer Kathy Powers (that’s her in the photo) sent us this guest post:

“As we move into the seasonal routine of farm pickups, I have been reflecting on starting my 14th year as a sharer at Stearns, enjoying so many aspects of our fresh, organic food, our community and the land itself.

Every year I marvel at the miracle of growth from seeds and the variety and vitality of our freshly harvested veggies. As I walk around the farm each time I’m there, I notice where crops are planted this year. By now, I’m pleased to see that I can recognize quite a few even in the early stages of growth. Watching all the pollinators and birds, I breathe in the clear air and observe all the different colors, especially all the various greens, and delight in picking the early strawberries, glistening red in the sunshine. Already there are glimpses of color in the flower garden and the some blooming edible flowers in the herb garden.

Then I think about all the people who have worked on this historic plot of land—farmers and sharers working together to support the mission of Stearns Farm. Whenever I work at the farm, I know I’m getting just a tiny glimpse of all the planning and work that encompasses the farm season. This is both illuminating and humbling. With the Farmer’s Choice share this year, I’m delighted to have a pick up every week, and I appreciate that behind the scenes, Mel and Ember and others are measuring and counting and weighing and tracking this process.

After the winter, I return to a place of joy and gratitude, creating meals from whatever combination has been chosen for us. The rhythm of my life has returned to connection with the growing season, with the earth and with all the people involved in keeping this special place thriving, thanks to all.”