Current sharers have two weeks left to purchase a 2018 Stearns Farm CSA Share and receive all of the  “thank you” perks that we are offering! In addition, you’ll benefit from the improvements we’re making to offer more flexibility in pickup hours, more choice in what  you can take under the tent, and extra info about what to do with your veggies..

  • We’re extending Tuesday pickup hours, so you’ll be able to get your share from 10 am-7 pm next year! The extended Friday pick-up we offered this year was such a hit that we’re glad to expand it for Tuesday sharers. 
  • We’ll be selling fewer shares next year so that we can have enough flexibility to offer you more choice in what you take under the tent!
  • You’ll get handouts each week with free paper copies of our favorite simple recipes, as well as storage tips so that you can make your veggies last as long as they can.

Our special offer for current sharers is available until October 15 and includes these perks:

A 10% discount—equivalent of two weeks free:

Classic Harvest share $665 + $10 membership fee

Farmer’s Choice share: $390 + $10 membership fee

Waived work hours

Classic Harvest share: 6 hours or $60 (if you buy out your hours)

Farmer’s Choice share: 4 hours or $40 (if you buy out your hours)

Gift certificate

Give a friend or a family member one free share pick up.

Plant sale coupon

Spend $15 at our May 2018 plant sale and get $5 off.

Raffle for a Free Share

You’ll be automatically entered into our raffle for a free share. The winner will receive a 100% refund of the price of their 2018 summer share. The drawing will be held on October 20, at our community bonfire.

Winter share discount

Get your 2017 winter share at last year’s price if you buy it when you purchase your 2018 summer share (a $10 savings).

We’re excited to offer these perks to thank you for supporting the farm, and we hope you take advantage of them to sign up now for next summer. Reserving your share early provides us with the money to buy seeds and other supplies in a timely manner and helps to sustain Stearns as a community supported farm.

We look forward to seeing you again in 2018!