Sharers Barbara Ward and Joanne Martin have joined the Stearns Farm crew to manage farm administration and finances. They’ve taken over from Frann Bennett, who retired at the end of 2017.

Barbara, the new farm administrator, has been a Stearns Farm sharer for several years.  She works in retail and recently finished a lengthy stint as treasurer of St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Framingham. Joanne, our new bookkeeper, had her first share last summer. She works as the bookkeeper for a small company.

If you have questions about any administrative or account matters that are not answered on our website, please email Barbara and Joanne at We thank you in advance for your patience as they divide up duties that Frann fulfilled by herself for many years.

We’re grateful for Frann’s many years of service to the farm! She and her husband Rick Lawrence will continue as members and dedicated volunteers. In addition to serving in as the Farm’s administrator, Frann managed the herb garden for many years, and Rick has worked on countless construction and electrical projects for the farm, including leading the greenhouse heater installation project this winter.