A friend told me recently that they don’t enjoy winter. The short days and cold temperatures make them sleepy and less motivated. This statement didn’t surprise me; many people, even longtime New England residents, feel the same.

However, I think winter is lovely. It’s when I rest and read sci-fi novels. I can comfortably set my oven to 400 degrees and put butter on everything. I come back to craft projects I’ve abandoned and start new ones (this winter I learned all about using concrete and molds to create sculptures).  I also visit with friends and family, play board games, and plan for the following summer. I sit inside and I don’t worry about where the sun is or if it will rain tomorrow. There’s also cuddling. This winter, lots of it, with my new kittens Grace and Bella

Winter is very important for farmers because it gives us time to pause our work to care for ourselves and to reflect on the past season. It’s also important to us all, because it teaches us to never take the beautiful summer days for granted: to seize any opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Winter makes that first sighting of a crocus or the return of barn swallows more meaningful.

This winter has been as rejuvenating as ever. I am well rested, well fed, and full of excitement for the upcoming season. I am looking forward to the sweet scents and sounds of spring.